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We identified Hardman Johnston’s global equity strategy in our first year of operation. After over a decade we maintain our strong conviction of the strategy being deserved of the tag “remarkable”.  Hardman Johnston’s international equity strategies are led by one of the world’s X-Factor talents.

With an eye on large institutional investors, in 2009 we identified Hardman Johnston Global Advisors, a Connecticut, USA based international equity portfolio manager, whose lead PM, Cassandra Hardman, is amongst the world’s “X-Factor” equity investment managers.  In the 1990’s she was amongst the pioneers of concentrated equity portfolio management, a true industry game changer adopted by a plethora of firms around the world in the years and decades to come. 

Hardman Johnston’s consistent success is a function of a simple approach executed well by highly competent and experienced professionals; namely, buy secular growing, quality companies when they are cheap. This success is reflected in the firm’s double digit compounding returns over decades through several market cycles. 

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What We’re
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